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A fellow companion to your goals 

Global exposure to various industries

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Why ApActif

Change needs a lot of effort.

It requires design thinking to activate and lay out pragmatic application steps.  

It needs discipline and agile mindset to get to where you aim to be.

Each individual may find the whole process of making change painful without a coach and advisor.

This is why ApActif was born, to accompany you through the journey, right from the start. 

Founder Profile

Growing up in a small town with limited choices, Lai recognized the power of coaching at a very young age when she tutored her classmates in primary school. Learning that having a coach would enable possible change in motion, she helped her friends get better results and started to build her passion in this sphere.

Through her journey, she learned to question and not accept the status quo which in return benefited her personal growth and created positive impact in the development of others. 

One of her early highlighted events was when she enrolled herself to one of the best high schools in the country despite many doubtful statements about her application. It triggered a new hope for other students in her hometown to dare to dream and take action to expand their horizon and education. Today, she is a candidate in one of the top Executive MBA programs in the world, Kellogg - HKUST, becoming a part of "High Impact Low Ego" Leadership network. 

In professional world, Lai has engaged and enabled multiple transformations across industry verticals in Asia. To bring the impact with sustainability, she believes one of the success factors is "people" and relentlessly pays attention to coach and build the capability of the team in these programs. Many of them have been making their way into management and leadership positions. Lai also participates in different Think Tanks and Leadership programs. To contribute further positive movements in the society, Lai has launched ApActif to help people accelerate and prosper in their goals.