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Hello from ApActif!

You want to make the change but are unclear where to start.

You believe you can do better but do not know how.

You crave to enjoy the work but feel trapped right now.

Change requires action.

ApActif is here to help you activate the change you wish.

Let's get in motion! 

Compass Pointing North

Community Services

ApActif 303 is the first community program from ApActif with a twofold purpose:

  • Enable young professionals to initiate practical actions and navigate career development.

  • Connect like-minded people to serve community and create a better world.

ApActif 303 - Pay it Forward

What people say

"Wow!!! It was a burst of emotion at two-thirds of my session. Entering with vague desires of my career, the conversation helped me pull out specific landmarks and possibilities that I had overlooked"

Logistics Sales Manager

Long An International Port